Established in 1945, under the creed of “for my country"
Noroo Group, as a true national firm, has grown into one of the top comprehensive fine chemical company in Korea in the last 70 years including a variety of business fields such as paint/ink, resin, and plastics industry.

NOROO group, which has been growing in the paint and ink on the market under the brand name NOROO, is dedicated to the establishment of agriculture, through technological innovation areas of life as well as the company and rural development and prosperity to farmers from January 15, 2014 based on deer ever had.

Noroo Kiban is now stepping forward to become a global company as a representative of Korea agriculture corporation utilizing the technologies accumulated in chemical industry into agriculture and life.

Noroo Kiban will contribute to agriculture and life by enhancing the added value and competitiveness of the industry agriculture and life for better product and service development.