Harmony with Nature
Life of humanity comes from the Earth. The Earth is the origin of life. Human-beings and the Earth are connected.
Pollutions from modern civilization and undiscerning developments have
decreased life force of the Earth which would end up making our life devastated.
Noroo Kiban’s goal is to recover the life force of the ground via sustainable agriculture business to make our life abundant.
Harmony of humanity and the ground- ‘Harmony with Nature’ is the value that Noroo Kiban pursues.

Harmony with Green
Noroo Kiban promises for sustainable agriculture.
Cultivation of eco-friendly crops,
production and distribution of reliable products,
controlled agriculture with minimized CO2,
use of eco-friendly fertilisers and pesticides.
“Harmony with Green”
is a special promise made by Noroo Kiban for heathy lifestyle.

Noroo Kiban
practices sustainable agriculture
We pursue agriculture techniques that produces food without harming the nature circulation system and continuously make an effort to provide affluent food resources for next generations.
Noroo Kiban considers the power
of nature and balance of ecosystem.
We respect organic relationships within the ecosystem,
and search for methods of symbiosis.
Analyses cultivation environment using drones and big data.
Provides suitable smart-solutions for cultivation environment.
Technology of protecting and respecting the ecosystem is
the power of Noroo Kiban.
Noroo Kiban’s seeds make our table abundant.
We research and develop reliable seeds seeking for safe food.
This is a promise made by Noroo Kiban.

Harmony with Innovation
Noroo Kiban is the origin of continual innovation.
Noroo Kiban’s effort to be the origin of continual innovation is being made everyday.
Innovation is necessary for securing productivity and sustainability simultaneously.
A global top breeders and agricultural facilities experts recognized as big Data
experts develop and produce the most innovative products,
systems and solutions through the active collaboration at
the advanced R & D center to collaborate in three dimensions .
Noroo Kiban is committed to innovate for abundant and sustainable earth even at this moment.

Noroo Kiban cares about the future of Korea. Invisible seed wars are still being fiercely present.
Intellectual property rights in accordance with the Convention of New Varieties
of international organizations is protected as multinational seed companies
to develop competitive varieties by investing heavily, and this protection and
seeds business of food security of the Republic of Korea are directly connected.
Once the seed wars are left indifferently, securing the safety of food for Korea seems to be difficult.
Noroo Kiban provides outstanding and innovative R&D centers and
infrastructures in and out of country for the future food of Korea domestically and internationally.

Harmony with Fair
Noroo Kiban cares about producers, consumers, and communities.
Its commitment is to improve production environment, produce reliable food,
and make healthy communities.
A abundance for humanity is the spirit of Noroo Kiban.

Harmony with Future
Reckless usage of pesticides and chemical fertiliser harms the circulation system of nature.
Maintaining nature circulation system assures our life environment and the future food.
Caring about next generations is a duty for agricultural business of Noroo Kiban.

Harmony with Food
Changes in lifestyle and food are correlated..
Noroo Kiban provides reliable and healthy food.
Through these, healthy consumptions are practiced,
and thus our quality of life will greatly improve.